PLC Splitter

    1. Bare Fiber PLC SplitterThe bare fiber PLC splitter is an optical power distribution device which is based on a quartz substrate of integrated waveguide. It is commonly used on passive optical networks, where it splits the signal coming from the central office into portions that would later be given to different terminal equipment sets.
    1. Cassette-Type PLC SplitterHoused in a small cassette, the cassette-type PLC splitter features a compact design that can be easily placed into an optical fiber distribution box, optical fiber junction box, or any kind of boxes with space limitations. We can offer optical fiber splitters with various numbers of data transmission channels such as 1×N or 2×N.
    1. Pre-Connectorized SplitterTrue to its name, the pre-connectorized splitter refers to a PLC splitter with SC connectors at the ends for easy connection to cross-connect cabinet or optical fiber junction box. Standard configurations for the fiber optic splitter include 1xN and 2xN, but customized settings are available as well. All splitter modules are GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE compliant.
    1. MicroSplitter ModuleThe microsplitter module uses a 0.9mm loose-tube fiber-optic cable to provide multiple transmission channels for light signals. It is small and easy to use. Coming as standard with either 1 xN or 2xN configuration, the micro-splitter module also can be customized to suit specific applications. All our PLC splitter models meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements.
    1. Rack-Mount PLC SplitterThe rack-mount PLC splitter provides a low-cost signal splitting solution for passive optical networks. We provide full series of 1xN and 2xN fiber optic splitters that are tailored for specific applications. All these fiber optic components meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements.
    1. Tray-Type SplitterAs a commonly used fiber optic components, the tray type PLC splitter comes with a patch cord management tray for proper management of patch cables. The entire optical fiber splitter can be directly mounted to the optical distribution frame or optical distribution box.

A fiber optic strand in the FTTx network uses light signals to transmit data. As data arrives at the receiving end, they need to be separated to reach different users. That is where our PLC splitter comes into play.

The PLC splitter is a type of optical fiber coupler mainly seen in operation on the passive optical network. It divides an optical signal into several equal portions, and connects between the OLT and ONU. At present, XINSHENG Electronics focuses solely on the production of PLC splitters, though many other manufacturers produce other types of couplers including the star coupler and tree coupler.

Our unmatched packaging capability allows us to provide a variety of packaging styles for the splitter module. Some PLC splitters come with no coating layers, which are called the bare fiber splitter in China. Other splitter modules are housed in a robust cassette, and thus are often called the cassette type splitter or PLC splitter box. Take a look at photos shown on this page, and you will quickly discover a total of 6 types of splitters.

One advantage of using XINSHENG PLC splitter is that its insertion loss is not sensitive to wavelengths. Designed to split light signal evenly across the transmission sub-channels, our splitter takes up small space and holds up well at high temperatures. In terms of its technical performance, XINSHENG splitter meets the Telcordia GR-1209-core and GR-1221-core requirements.

Here are a few of many PLC splitter types we can provide: