1. PLC Splitter

      As data arrives at the receiving end, they need to be separated to reach different users. That is where our PLC splitter comes into play.

      More >>At present, XINSHENG Electronics focuses solely on the production of PLC splitters, though many other manufacturers produce other types of couplers including the star coupler and tree coupler.
    1. Fiber Optic Patch Cord & Fiber Optic Pigtail

      High quality ceramic ferrules ensure the patch cable and the fiber pigtail have low insertion loss

      More >> and full standards compliance. Both the fiber optic patch cord and the fiber optic pigtail can be classified into different types according to the kinds of connectors attached to them: FC, SC, LC, MU, and ST. High quality ceramic ferrules ensure the patch cable and the fiber pigtail have low insertion loss and full standards compliance.
    1. Fiber Optic Fast ConnectorWe basically terminate fiber optic cable in two ways, one including the use of the fiber optic fast connector. XINSHENG fast connector is designed specifically for fiber-optic FTTx networks, where it is added to the end of each fiber of a multi-fiber cable for fast, reliable fiber-optic termination.
    1. Fiber Optic AdaptorThe fiber optic adaptor is a passive optical device that is usually placed between two connector plugs to form a plug-adaptor-plug connection. There are manufacturers who confuse the adaptor with the fiber optic coupler, which is quite misleading. What the adaptor does is to join two optical fibers together by physically aligning two connectors for mating.
    1. Fiber Optic Splice ClosureAs a leading FTTH components supplier, XINSHENG provides a total of 6 different splice enclosures to meet your specific pigtail splicing requirements. Mainly made of tough engineering plastics, this splice closure features a durable cover that contains anti-oxidants to fight against aging.
    1. Fiber Optic Distribution BoxThe fiber optic distribution box is an enclosure for beam splitting, splicing and termination of optical fibers. It provides protection to spliced fibers and manages fiber optic cables. XINSHENG optic fiber termination boxes boast of high quality, which have been widely found in operation on many fiber optic installation projects and at optic fiber maintenance job sites.

Building an FTTx network can be a daunting task as you have to prepare so many fiber optic components. Why not let XINSHENG take care of all your FTTx specifications and requirements? XINSHENG has been a dedicated one-source supplier of PLC splitter, jumper, and fiber optic adapter from day one.