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JS RF Coaxial Connector

  • 5150073
  • 5150074
  • 5150088
  • 5150089

The JS series RF coaxial connector provides reliable connections that are unlikely to shake loose under vibration. Characterized by outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, our radio frequency communication device is built to last long. Common uses for this connector are in electronics, communications, aerospace, and electro-mechanical applications.

Technical Specifications

Part No. Specifications Description
5150073 JS-4-K5D Cluster Jack, 4 Cores
5150072 JS-5-K5D Cluster Jack, 5 Cores
5150088 JS-4-JFB3-02 Cluster Plug, 4Cores
8180089 JS-5-JFB3-02 Cluster Plug, 5 Cores
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