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TNC RF Coaxial Connector

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The TNC series coaxial connector is a threaded version of bayonet neill concelman connectors, which connector provides fast, convenient connections as it is threaded into place. The connector has a 75Ω impedance and operates best in the 0-22GHz frequency spectrum. Considering winds and rain involved in an outdoor environment, we have designed weather-resistant screw connector models.

TNC coax RF connectors come in two types: standard and reverse-polarity. Both types are widely used by cellular networks, mobile communications, and instrumentation. They also have increased presence in aerospace ground equipment, radar and equipment with violent vibrations. An array of coaxial cables can be accepted by the radio frequency connector, from RG6 to RG179 series as well as LMR low-loss cables.

Features of TNC RF Coaxial Connector
IEC 60169-17 standards compliant
Operating best at frequencies up to 4GHz
VSWR (straight connector): ≤1.2
Threaded coupling mechanism

Applications of TNC RF Coaxial Connector
Straight connectors or right-angle connectors for semi-flexible, semi-rigid, and flexible cables
Straight connectors or right-angle connectors for printed circuit boards or surface mount devices
Flanged panel jack


Part No. Specifications Description
5160006 TNC-KFD-7.5-1.5 TNC Jack ST Panel Type
5160009 TNC-JB2 TNC Plug ST for RG405
5160010 TNC-JB3 TNC Plug ST for RG402
5160011 N-TNC-JJ N Plug to TNC Plug Adapter
5160012 N-TNC-JK N Plug to TNC Jack Adapter
5160013 N-TNC-KJ N Jack to TNC Plug Adapter
5160014 N-TNC-KK N Jack to TNC Jack Adapter
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