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SMA RF Coaxial Connector

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The SMA connector is one of the most widely used connectors. It comes with threaded coupling and operates best across a wide frequency spectrum. Outstanding performance, high reliability and longevity are the major benefits of SMA RF coaxial connector for its end users. Whatever your applications, XINSHENG threaded connector has the right material and electroplated coating for the task.

Features of SMA RF Coaxial Connector
IEC 60169-15 standards compliant
Frequencies up to 18GHz
VSWR (straight connector): ≤1.05
Threaded coupling mechanism
Outstanding electrical performance
High reliability
Extended service life

Applications of SMA RF Coaxial Connector
Straight connectors or right-angle connectors for semi-flexible, semi-rigid, or flexible cables
Straight or right angle panel jacks or SMD jacks
Flanged panel jacks

Part No. Specifications Description
SMA-JB2 SMA Plug ST for RG405
SMA-JW316D SMA Plug R/A for RG316D
SMA-JW316 SMA Plug R/A for RG316
SMA-J316 SMA Plug ST for RG316
SMA-KFDB SMA Jack ST Panel Type
SMA-KWFDB SMA Jack R/A Panel Type
SMA-KFD-2.7 SMA Jack ST Panel Type
SMA-KFD-010 SMA Jack ST Panel Type
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