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L9 RF Coaxial Connector

The L9 RF coaxial connector is designed for increased transmission rate, outstanding mechanical properties, and high operating stability. Small-volume design allows the connector to fit in very tight spaces. Popular uses for our coax connector are on telecommunications equipment.

Profits may suffer, but meeting customer requirements still counts. We use different materials and electroplated coatings in the construction of our coax radio frequency connectors. Even with narrower margins, XINSHENG wants its customers to get the right RF connector customized to their specific requirements.

Features of RF Coaxial Connector
1. IEC60169-13 standards compliant
2. Working best at frequencies up to 4GHz
3. VSWR(straight connector):≤1.2
4. High-speed, reliable signal transmission
5. The outer conductor layer can be made of various materials and with many kinds of electroplated coatings.

Applications of RF Coaxial Connector
1. Straight connectors or right-angle connectors for semi-flex cables, semi-rigid cables, and flexible cables with diameters less than 3.1mm
2. Straight or right-angle PCB jacks, SMD jacks
3. Flanged panel jacks
4. Terminations
5. Adapters

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