Radio Frequency Coaxial Connector

    1. L29 RF Coaxial Connector

      The L29 series RF coaxial connector represents large-size, highly stable connector models among various other series offered by XINSHENG.

      More >> It is characterized by low insertion loss and high transmission power. Waterproof design suits the coaxial RF connector for many outdoor environments, such as providing connections for antenna feed lines in microwave transmission and mobile communications.
    1. SSMA RF Coaxial ConnectorThe SSMA RF coaxial connector is similar in interface design to SMA series but only comes in a smaller size. If you have to make connections between small coaxial cables, this type of radio frequency coaxial connector might be your best bet. Available with 10-36UNS threads, the SSMA connector can be mounted to panels and printed circuit boards.
    1. BNC RF Coaxial Connector

      For customers who go for high reliability, this bayonet navy connector, or bayonet connector or BNC for short, might be the best choice.

      More >>The BNC RF coaxial connector uses bayonet coupling to provide fast connects and reconnects. For customers who go for high reliability, this bayonet navy connector, or bayonet connector or BNC for short, might be the best choice.
    1. MCX RF Coaxial ConnectorYou may apply the MCX RF coaxial connector to all kinds of space-limited electronic equipment and instrumentaion due to its small size. Durable and reliable, this connector features a snap-on coupling that allows quick, reliable connects and disconnects. In a radio-frequency circuit, the MCX coax connector serves as a guarantee that the coax cable radiates little electromagnetic energy.
    1. MMCX RF Coaxial ConnectorThe MMCX RF coaxial connector features a snap-on coupling mechanism that allows for 360 degrees free rotation. It provides an easy way for quick connecting and disconnecting, and is widely used for fitting onto the PCB assembly. Compliant with CECC 22220 standards, the MMCX coax connector works best at frequencies up to 6GHz and with characteristic impedance of 50Ω.
    1. SMB RF Coaxial ConnectorThe SMB connector is a small-size device which features a snap-on self-locking mechanism. Users might apply our SMB RF connector to all kinds of electronic equipment, where it fits nicely in very tight spaces. Designed to withstand vibration, the radio frequency connector allows for convenient coupling and decoupling.
    1. L9 RF Coaxial ConnectorThe L9 RF coaxial connector is designed for increased transmission rate, outstanding mechanical properties, and high operating stability. Small-volume design allows the connector to fit in very tight spaces. Popular uses for our coax connector are on telecommunications equipment.
    1. C4/SAA RF Coaxial ConnectorThe CC4/SAA RF coaxial connector comes in a small-volume design which suits itself for space limited applications. Depending on your specific applications, we can provide the connector with either threaded coupling or push-pull coupling mechanism. 1.0/2.3 coaxial radio frequency connector delivers 50ohm impedance and operates best at frequencies up to 10GHz.
    1. BMA RF Coaxial ConnectorBuilt in compliance with IEC61169-33 standards, the BMA series RF coaxial connector is a micro-miniature push pull connector that allows blind mating in low-power microwave transmission systems. It is suitable for connecting to flexible and semi-rigid cables with diameters no more than 3.00mm.
    1. JS RF Coaxial ConnectorThe JS series RF coaxial connector provides reliable connections that are unlikely to shake loose under vibration. Characterized by outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, our radio frequency communication device is built to last long. Common uses for this connector are in electronics, communications, aerospace, and electro-mechanical applications.
    1. YLJ RF Coaxial ConnectorThe YLJ series coaxial radio frequency connector provides an easy, effective way of fast RF connection. Usually mounted onto a printed circuit board by bolts, the PCB jack works best at frequencies up to 4GHz while delivering a VSWR no more than 1.3
    1. TNC RF Coaxial ConnectorThe TNC series coaxial connector is a threaded version of bayonet neill concelman connectors, which connector provides fast, convenient connections as it is threaded into place. The connector has a 75Ω impedance and operates best in the 0-22GHz frequency spectrum.
    1. SMA RF Coaxial Connector

      The SMA connector is one of the most widely used connectors. It comes with threaded coupling and operates best across a wide frequency spectrum.

      More >>The SMA connector is one of the most widely used connectors. It comes with threaded coupling and operates best across a wide frequency spectrum. Outstanding performance, high reliability and longevity are the major benefits of SMA RF coaxial connector for its end users.
    1. N RF Coaxial ConnectorThe type N coax connector is developed to satisfy a need for a durable, waterproof, and medium-size radio frequency connector with minimum intermodulation distortion. It is widely used with base stations or as the antenna connector.

The radio frequency coaxial connector is usually attached to the end of RF coaxial feeder. In a radio-frequency circuit, it is critical to protect the RF signal from any external electromagnetic interference, and maintain a stable preset impedance and capacitance. This almost necessitates the use of coax RF connector.

As RF coaxial cables are widely used to provide connections for communications and electronic equipment, the RF connector has a key role to play in joining together different coax cables, connecting coax to microstrip, or aligning coax to waveguide. Upon installation, the male plug part of a typical plug and socket connector pair is designed to attach to the end of your electrical cables. Here the plug refers to a male connector which is less fixed, more moveable than the female socket. The female socket end of the connector pair is often fixed to on the surface of an enclosure. It is often called jack, and can not move freely like a male plug.

XINSHENG plug and socket connector pair is widely used in military aircraft radar, car GPS systems, base stations, ad broadband networks. The company is specialist manufacturer of radio frequency coaxial connectors. Depending on your specific requirements, we can customize our RF coax connector. If any of these standard threaded connector or bayonet connector models does not appeal to you, please contact us to get a custom design.