Radio Frequency Cable Assemblies

    1. 1/2 Superflex Cable AssembliesUsing fluorinated plastic as insulating material, the 1/2 ultra-flexible cable assemblies are designed specifically to deal with high-power signal transmission applications. Minimized signal loss, wide bandwidth, high-temperature resistance, and great bend strength are the major benefits of XINSHENG superflex cable assemblies for end users. Typical uses for our ultra-flexible RF cable are on antennas for base stations.
    1. 1/2 Cable Assemblies1/2 general-purpose cable assemblies come with flexible, lightweight moisture-proof cables designed for high power signal transmission and minimized signal loss. They are widely seen in mobile communications, indoor cellular coverage, instrumentation, and radar systems.
    1. RG58 RF Cable AssembliesBuilt to MIL-C-17 specifications normally required by old military standards in US, the RG58 RF cable assemblies exhibit outstanding mechanical properties, shielding performance, minimized signal attenuation, and low VSWR. MIL-C-17 cables are common on telecommunications, electronic countermeasures, military navigations, radar and other electronic systems.
    1. RG316 RF Cable AssembliesRG316 RF cable assemblies are built to MIL-C-17 specifications which are normally required by old US military standards for coaxial cables. Characteristics of MIL-C-17 coax cable assemblies include outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, excellent shielding, minimized signal attenuation, and a low VSWR.
    1. 0.086 Cable AssembliesXINSHENG 0.086 cable assemblies are built strictly to MIL-C-17 US military standards for coaxial cables. Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, good shielding, minimized attenuation, and a low VSWR make our 0.086 model one of your best RF connection solutions.
    1. 0.141 Cable Assemblies0.141 cable assemblies comply with MIL-C-17 specifications previously required by US military standards for coaxial cables. Characteristics of MIL-C-17 coax cable include excellent shielding, minimized signal attenuation, low VSWRs, and outstanding electrical and mechanical properties.

The radio frequency cable assemblies make up a complete transmission line for radio frequency signals, which are assembled by sliding RF cables into connectors. XINSHENG provides customers with a variety of good quality RF cables and RF connectors to meet your specific connection requirements.

Applications of Radio Frequency Cable Assemblies
Military communications system
Domestic communications system
Video and television
Audio-visual equipment
If you've got a connection situation not covered by any of our standard RF cable assemblies, please contact us to access our custom design services.