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XINSHENG specializes in fiber optic products, coaxial RF connectors, and radio frequency cables. We have sold out thousands of them to meet customers' diverse requirements. Our products are currently serving a number of industries, including automobile, optic fiber communications, medical, military aerospace, and radio broadcast.

Automotive Industry

Automotive electronics have a key role to play in any four-wheeled vehicles. The past two decades has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cars on roads. This creates heavy demand on the varieties of automotive connectors, or RF connectors in particular. XINSHENG's dedication to the research and development of RF coaxial connection technology allows the company to produce quality RF connectors for use in cars to increase driving safety and comfort. Whether it is in-vehicle radar, mobile phone signal transmission or car navigation, you can probably find one of XINSHENG RF connectors operating in those systems. By fitting XINSHENG automotive connectors into your car, you are actually incorporating the high-frequency communication feature into your vehicle interconnection system.

Optic Fiber Communication Industry

We help optic fiber communication system manufacturers gain competitive advantages in fast evolving market environment by supplying them value-added networking solutions. Our state of the art communication connectors are popularly used in 4G, WIFI, WIMAX, and FTTA networks.

Radio Broadcast Industry

From the very beginning, XINSHENG has successfully connected its RF coaxial connector to the radio broadcast system. Revolution in high-definition television industry forces us to produce higher-performing RF connectors and coaxial cables

Military Industry

Examples of military devices with which XINSHENG networking components can be used include:
Wireless, hand-held walkie-talkie
Hand-held radio station
Man-pack radio station
Land vehicle
Unmanned vehicle
Unattended ground sensor

Medical Industry

XINSHENG is a supplier of top-class RF connectors for use on medical equipment. Over the years, we have been meeting the demanding requirements from medical equipment industries by offering them a wide selection of high quality coaxial connectors, multi-pin connectors, and optical fiber communication solutions.

SMA SMB MCX MMCX 1.0/2.3 1.6/5.6 BNC TNC N 7/16
Base Station Automotive Industry (GPS) Aerials Aerials Base Station Base Station Aerials Aerials Aerials Base Station
Coaxial Cable Assemblies Base Station Automotive Industry Base Station Coaxial Cable Assemblies Coaxial Cable Assemblies Automotive Industry (GPS) Automotive Industry (cellular phone) Base Station Aerials
Electric Filter Coaxial Cable Assemblies Base Station Broadband Network Electric Filter Personal Computer, LAN Base Station Base Station Radio Broadcast Base Station
Instrumentation Electric Filter GPS Communication Data Communication Router Radio Broadcast (75ohm) Coaxial Cable Assemblies Coaxial Cable Assemblies Radio Broadcast
Military Aerospace Instrumentation Terminal Equipment Coaxial Cable Assemblies Router Switching Device Coaxial Cable Assemblies Computer Network, LAN Instrumentation Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Personal Computer/ LAN Personal Computer, LAN Instrumentation GPS Switching Device Telecommunication Cable Modem Instrumentation Military Aerospace Control System
Process Control Process Control Personal Computer, LAN Instrumentation Telecommunication Radio Broadcast Computer, LAN Network Analyzer Radar Lightning Arrestor
Telecommunication Radio Printed Circuit Board Radio Broadcast PCMCA
Instrumentation Military Aerospace Radio
Satellite Communication
Surge Protection Tele-communication Radio Printed Circuit Board Network Analyzer Radar Satellite Communication
Tele-communication WLAN Satellite Communication Oscilloscope Tele-communication Surge Protection
Measurement Instrument Telecommunication Medical Equipment WLAN
Video System Military Aerospace
Radio Broadcast
Satellite Communication
Surge Protection