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Looking for Oversea Agent

XINSHENG Electronics is a fast growing enterprise. We pride ourselves in providing quality end user devices and services for fiber optic network components and RF cable assemblies customers, and contribute to the efforts of making connections to the world. We offer integrated OEM and ODM services to customers within China and from the world over, in exchange for your permission to start a partnership with us for sustainable development. It is our wish that XINSHENG coax connectors and FTTx networking products will reach every corner of the world.

We strictly adhere to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 standards under which XINSHENG is certified. XINSHENG optic fiber networking and telecommunication components are RoHS compliant and bear CE markings. We are granted the right to manage our import and export operations all on our own which eliminates the middleman thereby saving cost. Thus far, we have exported goods to Europe, South America, North America, and Asia, and receive good reviews from customers there.

If you are an experienced agent or distributor of fiber optic network and telecommunications products, please give us a call. We are capable of responding quickly to your requirements and providing a variety of coax connectors, PLC splitters, fiber optic adapter, splice closure and more all available at an attractive price. We help you gain advantages over competitors in the business and offer necessary technical support during business expansion. If customers run into technical problems after the purchase, please call us to get solutions within a week. When you become an agent or distributor for us, you are assured of financial incentives that will increase as your sales go up. Please do trust us in this win-win cooperation.

If you are a foreign trade company owner and are looking for new products to help you increase your profit margins, then you should never miss this out! By leveraging 12 years of manufacturing experience, veteran management team, and business resources, XINSHENG has what it takes to hammer out a variety of solutions, tailor made just for you. Whatever your RF connector type or price requirements, we have what you want.

If you have previous work experience in optical fiber network and telecommunication industry and are planning on a startup in this business, please contact us today. We would be delighted to discuss with you one on one about any technical challenges met in developing your desire new products. From the initial design to manufacturing, our technical experts would take care of your requirements every step of the way. Free product samples are available, too.

If you have decided to take a chance on this partnership, we would like to help you know more about the telecommunication business in China. We sincerely invite any prospective customers to join us in promoting XINSHENG brands!

How to become an agent?
Things to be prepared upon your requesting and signing an agent agreement with us:
1. Proof of qualification
2. Official website of your company or brief introductions of your working experience